Services Provided (What We Do)

It's our goal to bring consensus processes to decision-making that contributes to the well-being of Indigenous communities, families and peoples.

Indigenous Collaboration, provides state-of-the-art facilitation and training grounded in the belief that every person wants to be a part of creating her/his future, in the workplace, in the community and in the world. Our expertise is in facilitating groups of people to tap their deep insights and make consensus-based decisions and plans. We specialize in working with Indigenous populations and organizations doing work with Indigenous peoples.

Issues in "Indian Country" are some of the most complicated and difficult sets of dynamics anywhere in the world and often there are no clear cut solutions. In twenty years of work with Tribes and Native groups, Indigenous Collaboration has developed a reputation for assisting groups with diverse perspectives achieving communication, clear direction and decisive action.

Where we’re successful and consistently do well, is engaging groups to get at the root of their significant issues and draw out insights and strategies to go about addressing them. We achieve this through a series of workshops and facilitated conversations designed around consensus building. A plan of action is then constructed based on the group's own understanding, experience and knowledge as well as a timeline that asks individual group members to voluntarily take accountability for each elucidated piece of the plan. 

We take this process into the field with a deep personal and professional investment in the work of others, and meet groups where is most suitable for them.       


  • Strategic Planning
  • Customized facilitation / consensus-building
  • Facilitation Methods Training

Arenas We've Done Work In

  • Economic Development
  • Energy Development Planning
  • Law Enforcement
  • Policy Development
  • Language Preservation
  • Foster Care
  • Substance Abuse
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Housing
  • Leadership Development
  • Domestic Violence