The values we hold as business owners and as servants to the future are intertwined with our deeply felt sense that as Native American people, we collectively hold the answers to the problems that we struggle with the most. That together we do have the wisdom, we do have the insights and we do have the capacity to be our own change makers and solution providers; but in order to do so we must cut through the distractions and regularly be in authentic dialogue with one another about what matters most. We need to be able to leverage the potency of our own human creativity towards all areas in which we live and work and apply ourselves.

Indigenous Collaboration is noted for the ability to honor the participant, strengthen teamwork and prioritize action. The foundational values at the heart of our facilitation processes are straightforward: 


PARTICIPATION - Recognizing that each individual holds a piece of the puzzle and creating an environment of honor and trust which invites full participation. 

TEAMWORK - Broadening dialogue through creative patterns of small team breakouts that deepen understanding and strengthen decisions. 

CREATIVITY - inviting dialogue between rational knowledge and intuitive insights resulting in new options and innovative approaches. 

CONSENSUS - Developing decisions through a process of sharing all perspectives and discerning options that respect the diversity of individual views while honoring the whole. 

ACTION – Weaving all these values through processes that produce concrete actions and results.